Sometimes humanity troubles me. I certainly do not see any solution and I do not say this in a condescending way. This is meant to say that I cannot simply comprehend what has happened. I do not know what is right or wrong, whether this is any different than the injustice that goes on in countries we know nothing of everyday? Whether it is justified to criticize the media for deeming this of most importance? But I know that we all stumble when trying to articulate what we feel about this. I am almost positive—one thing I am sure of in this situation—is that no one knows how to make sense of it. How to realize the importance of this event? What to say? How it can be stopped?

I do not know the answers to these questions. Many do not. Many think they do, I do not know whether they are right.

But I do know is that what we as humans need to do is realize that we will be okay and that this is not a time to fight. It is not a time to play the blame game. 

There is an infinite amount of possibilities and outcomes. This event was one. And this small possibility became a probability and then an outcome. It grew into something just as a powerful movement does. Just as a man’s hopeful speech changed the world, simply because he had a dream. Or how a man took power of a country and turned it into a war machine. What we make out of this possibility turned outcome, is up to us. 

All we can do is simply band together and hope that we will realize our great potential as humans.